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Massage and Bodywork

Shiatsu - a Japanese therapy where the practitioner uses their hands to apply pressure to the meridians of the body in a linear rhythmic movement to create balance within the individual.  

Sotai - Japanese therapy using breath and both resisted and passive movements to relieve pain and musculo-skeletal imbalances. 

Counterstrain - gentle therapy for relieving tight muscles through passive body positioning of spasmed muscles to re-set nerve/muscle firing patterns and relax muscle.

Deep Tissue - Deeper, more intense massage for relaxing muscles and releasing fascia adhesions

Bodywork Visits

Shiatsu: 1 hour - $80     

Sotai: 30 minutes - $45, 1 hour - $80     

Counterstrain: often utilized with other therapies. 30 minutes - $45, 1 hour - $80

Deep Tissue: 30 minutes - $45, 1 hour - $80

Cupping and Moxa - $15 for 15 minutes. These are often added to other sessions

Essential Oils: Use of essential oils may be offered as part of other treatments. 

Tuning Forks: Use of specific frequencies for promoting balance and healing      

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