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Family Practice Primary Care/Functional Medicine

Focus on the least harmful, most effective therapies

Find and Treat the underlying cause

Recognition of the Whole Person:

         All body systems  - as an interactive system

         Body, Mind, Emotions, Energetic / Spiritual

Believe in the healing power of the individual       

          and the body's innate wisdom

Empower the Patient - doctor as teacher

         to pass on knowledge to optimize health and               empower the patient to understand 

         their health challenges and treatment options

Honor the patient and their wisdom

          co create healing as a team

Naturopathic / Functional Medicine


Naturopathic physicians are known as doctors who listen. Visits are 30-90 minutes.

Initial Consultations with Dr. Tanis are 90 minutes

    What to expect: An extensive intake of symptoms and medical history, pertinent labs

                                  A follow up visit for a full physical exam and discussion of lab results;

                                     development of comprehensive treatment plan. 

Follow up visits: vary from 30-90 minutes depending on necessity

What to expect for treatments

    Naturopathic and Functional medicine approach which may include:

    Lifestyle and Dietary changes - to optimize health and treat underlying cause of imbalance

       Lab testing to determine areas of imbalance and direct focus of therapies: Routine labs and specialty labs 

                   such as: CBC, Comprehensive Metabolic, Thyroid, Lipid, Neurotransmitter and hormone, Organic acids,

                   Digestive panels/Microbial balance and parasite testing, Inflammatory food testing, cellular micro-                                 nutrient testing, Genetic testing and more as needed. 

    Vitamin Nutrients and Herbs - to support health, healing, prevent future disease, address cause of imbalance

         Detoxification - and minimization of exposures to toxins

    Counseling / Interview - a chance to be heard on many levels and supported to obtain health goals

         Massage and Other Bodywork - to address pain and musculoskeletal / fascia imbalances        

    Flower Essences, Homeopathics, Therapies / Meditative focuses - to move through difficult emotions, shift patterns


  Additional therapies may include:     

    Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine - acupuncture, electro-acupucnture, moxa, gua sha, cupping, Chinese herbs 



Doctor-Patient Co-creative team - health and healing is a complicated process for which the patient must take   

         ownership. The doctor-patient relationship allows for expansion of knowledge, tools, and support for healing


Through integration of an in-depth health interview, physical exam, laboratory testing, and intake of experiences and goals, Dr. Tanis Kleckler develops treatments which are tailored to achieve effective individualized care focusing on the underlying cause.

Consideration of the whole person (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and life situation) is applied to every therapy.

A focus will always be to identify the root cause and develop a supportive physician-patient relationship to guide the healing process. 

Dr. Tanis takes most forms of insurance. 

"It is important to me, that I listen to the patient and their experiences in order to provide options, education, and therapies which can empower and effectively move an individual to greater health. I believe healing is a journey, and a process."

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