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Naturopathic Medicine

Family Practice Primary Care


Focus on the least harmful, most effective therapies

Recognition of the Whole Person:

         All body systems  - as an interactive system

         Body, Mind, Emotions, Energetic / Spiritual


Empower the Patient - doctor as teacher

         to pass on knowledge to optimize health

Treat the underlying cause

Believe in the healing power of the individual       

          and the body's innate wisdom


Naturopathic physicians are known as doctors who listen. Visits are 30-60 minutes.

Initial Consultations with Dr. Tanis are 60 minutes

    What to expect: An extensive intake of symptoms and medical history, pertinent labs

                                  A follow up visit for a full physical exam and discussion of lab results;

                                     development of comprehensive treatment plan. 

Follow up visits: vary from 30-60 minutes depending on necessity

What to expect for treatments

    Lifestyle and Dietary changes - to optimize health and treat underlying cause of imbalance

         Vitamin Nutrients and Herbs - to support health, healing, prevent future disease, address cause of imbalance

    Detoxification - and minimization of exposures to toxins

         Counseling / Interview - a chance to be heard on many levels and supported to obtain health goals

    Flower Essences, Homeopathics, Therapies / Meditative focuses - to move through difficult emotions and patterns

         Massage and Other Bodywork - to address pain and musculoskeletal / fascia imbalances

    Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine - see below - available in June 2018

    Doctor-Patient Co-creative team - health and healing is a complicated process for which the patient must take   

         ownership. The doctor-patient relationship allows for expansion of knowledge, tools, and support for healing


Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture - available after June 2018

Chinese Herbs - herbal formulas based on traditional formulas utilized for centuries for healing specific imbalances. 

Cupping - therapy for relieving tight muscles

Moxa - burning of the herb mugwort for healing and rejuvination of yang energy. 

Chinese Medicine

Medicine based on 2500 years of herbal medicine, acupuncture, and moxa techniques. 

Excellent for    prevention of disease

                           treatment of pain

                           balancing emotions

                           balancing hormones and cycles within the body: menstruation, sleep....

By balancing the energy and blood flow in the body, acupuncture and herbs have been used for the treatment of everything from digestive issues to rashes, colds, and most chronic ailments. 

Massage and Bodywork

Shiatsu - a Japanese therapy where the practitioner uses their hands to apply pressure to the meridians of the body in a linear rhythmic movement to create balance within the individual.  

Sotai - Japanese therapy using breath and both resisted and passive movements to relieve pain and musculo-skeletal imbalances. 

Counterstrain - gentle therapy for relieving tight muscles through passive body positioning of spasmed muscles to re-set nerve/muscle firing patterns and relax muscle.

Deep Tissue - Deeper, more intense massage for relaxing muscles and releasing fascia adhesions

Bodywork Visits

Shiatsu: 1 hour - $70     

Sotai: 30 minutes - $45, 1 hour - $70     

Counterstrain: often utilized with other therapies. 30 minutes - $45, 1 hour - $70

Deep Tissue: 30 minutes - $45, 1 hour - $80

Cupping and Moxa - $15 for 15 minutes. These are often added to other sessions

Essential Oils: Use of essential oils may be offered as part of other treatments. 

     Raindrop therapy  - available upon request. 1 hour - $95

Tuning fork Balancing - available upon request. 30 minutes - $45, 1 hour - $70

     maybe added as part of other sessions at no extra charge

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